Assignment #2 Reading Response




How does digital art/new media impact or relate to different aspects of our culture? 


In the article Paul clearly shows the development and constant evolution of the digital medium as a tool for artists.  The very nature of any technology is based on change and the improvement of every aspect involved; this added to the creative process is an undoubtedly strong force. Just like the print press or the camera society has had to adjust to the positive and negative changes new media presents. As more and more artist use computers to alter, improve, and create work, the lines between what is handcrafted and what has been digitally manipulated become increasingly blurred.  We are forced to be wary of the “reality” of what the image is depicting as well as the authenticity of an image.  Computers have made information so readily accessible that we may be losing some integrity in the process of creativity.  In the article digital artist, Grahame Weinbren states that “the digital revolution is a revolution of random aceess.”  Anyone can download an image, tweak it in photoshop, and call it their own art; does this make it phony or diluted?   As far as aesthetics are concerned, the formal elements of design have been well defined and will determine the quality of digital art, but the wide availability of art and images could also allow room for new ideas and concepts that keep the medium fluid and interesting by opening it up to those that would not necessarily consider themselves creative. Instead of perfecting the skillful techniques of the master painters, new media is dependant upon experimenting.


  New ideas in art can lead to progressive thinking in all aspects of culture.  Nancy Burson probably never thought the technology she used in Beauty Composites would be implemented in crime labs.  And in advertising digital technology has taken the ‘image consumer culture’ to new heights by increasing ‘manipulation, composting, and collaging. We see immediate replication of images as well as artistic response to socially events and issues.  One  of Shepard Fairey’s Obama prints were actually purchased as the official 2009 election poster and with much credit ado to the internet which helped spread the popularity of the image.  I recently heard on NPR that the louvre was preparing to exhibit graphic novel  illustration for the first time in history. This is a perfect example of new media finding it’s place in our culture as a respected and appreciated medium; even on par with the masters. Although new media may not have it’s place in the louvre quite yet  but I think it is important  that we embrace the use of computers and respect the medium as not only a tool, but also an opportunity to explore complteley new directions.   


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